Today I am writing to celebrate women. I’m not writing to condemn men, to shout the rights of women from the rooftops, or to even talk about all the social injustice that women face and how it is appalling (Because it is). I am writing to celebrate the courage that women have on a daily basis, to celebrate and congratulate the women out there that are doing what they love, and just to share in the appreciation of the strong, beautiful, encouraging, fun, and fantastic women that I have been so lucky to surround myself with and learn from.


I’m telling all the women that read this to celebrate themselves, and I am telling all the men that read this (although we appreciate¬†you too) to celebrate the women in your life.


Like I previously stated I have the privilege to be surrounded by women that get up everyday and face the challenges that life hands them head on. I look to those closest to me and those all over the world to remember my worth and what I am capable of.

After all.. Women are majestic and magical.

These videos below are just a few to remind all the women out there to celebrate themselves and the others around them. You are unstoppable, You can do the unthinkable, and You can live life to the fullest and in the way you want to.

Be You… and be the very best version of you

Remember that and celebrate