Gifts That Keep Giving

As the holiday season comes upon us, we are all scrambling to find ways to show our loved ones appreciation, and to spread the holiday seasons cheer by giving to others.

I know for me personally this year has been a hard year to find Christmas presents for my family and friends. I have indeed hit the shopping wall. When I give gifts, I like to really think about the person and what they like, want, and need. Sometimes I feel like plain old “stuff” doesn’t work.


I’m a big fan of finding gifts that “give back” or “gifts that keep on giving”, and I know that those around me appreciate the thought of giving to others with them in mind.

So, if you’re stuck in your holiday shopping, here is a list of organizations that will not only put a smile on the face of your friend, but will give back to the world around us as well.

  1. Love Your Melon      love-your-melon.png

    1. Love your Melon is an organization dedicated and run by college students all across America. Love your melon has a unique buy one give one initiative. Buy a hat made in the United States, and one is then donated (in person by people dressed up in superhero costumes) to a child who is battling cancer. This is a great way to spread hope, support, and of course great hats.
  2. Heifer International Heifer-Logo.jpg

    1. Heifer international is something that I have given to multiple times for various charity projects and celebrations. The mission of this organization is to help aid in the process of ending world hunger, poverty, and to help protect the earth. “Heifer links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market” (
  3. Pencils of Promisepop-logo.png

    1. Pencils of promise is an organization dedicated to providing children all over the world with a chance to receive education. The donations go to building schools, developing programs, and creating a global community. 100% of your donations goes straight to the programs and school building. If you have the chance I recommend checking out the story of how the founder got started… it’s pretty awesome!
  4. Wounded Warriors Project$_35.JPG

    1. The wounded warriors project has a simple mission of empowering and honoring our wounded warriors. They provide awareness and give back to those who selflessly put their life at risk. WWP is dedicated to adjusting and creating programs and aid that fit the needs of any and all wounded warriors. They also have great ways to get involved outside of a donation, so don’t hesitate to check those out as well!
  5. World Wildlife Foundationwwf-50-Years-Conservation_153.jpg

    1. The World Wildlife Foundation has the goal of protecting the lives of endangered species and landscapes that are crucial to the balance of the ecosystems all across the globe. Donations could help sponsor an animal or help preserve land!
  6. Hope For Justice hope4justice.jpg

    1. Hope for justice is an organization who aids in the fight against human trafficking they state “We secure criminal and civil justice for victims and advocate for access to housing and health services and the cancellation of debts created by traffickers” (

There are many of other great organizations out there to take a look at as well! Take the chance this holiday and give a gift that keeps on giving!

Happy Holidays

❤ RK