What is a Resolution?

I know what many of you think when you hear New Year Resolution…they don’t work. It is pointless to think of them, and maybe its even pointless to try them. You start off strong the first Monday of the new year going to the gym or you go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of fruit and throw away all of your chocolate cookies (I mean one shouldn’t really waste a chocolate chip cookie), only to give up or fail with in the first week or two of the new year.

Thats pessimistic isn’t it?

Why do we even try? What is the point of getting ourselves all amped to follow through with this resolution, only to be disappointed in ourselves.

The problem is the term “Resolution”. Resolution can be defined as taking a course of action, a formal expression of intention made, or a process. Creating a resolution is a positive thing, but for many it doesn’t have the gusto to be a long lasting action.


Instead of a sticking to your resolution, change your resolution to a change in lifestyle. A life choice. Do something to better yourself for the rest of your life not just the life you plan to live in the new year.

Here are some ways to make your life style change stick:

1. Make a reasonable goal

Say if you want to focus on eating healthier foods, don’t say you’re going to eat a highly intensified all green food diet for every meal or say you are going to cut sugar out completely. Honestly, that may be setting yourself up for failure. Instead try saying you are only going to have 1-2 desserts a week and you are going to add a leafy green into 1-2 of your meals a day. Making you’re goal reasonable is only going to help you become successful and help you make a healthier and better adaptation for your life. Also, having a goal that is specific is better then having a generalized one.


2. Say something you’re going to do instead of something you are giving up.

Instead of saying I am giving up Netflix and being a couch potato, change it to something you will do. For example, I will go to the gym for 45 minutes 4 days a week. Adding something into  your  daily routine and giving it a positive spin makes you more eager to accomplish it, and you don’t have to completely give up something you like to do.

3.  Have a reason

Give yourself a reason for making this change. Have someone or something in mind to help better yourself. If there is a cause that you are standing behind in order to complete your goal, then it is going to be more personal and you are going to have personal drive like you’ve never had before. Don’t be afraid for that person you have in mind to be yourself. Doing something for yourself is just as important as doing something in honor of your grandma, mother, or brother.


4. Be confident and Be positive.

The final tip I have to give is to just in general be confident in your abilities to accomplish what you wish to change in your life, and try your best to be positive about it even on the hard days. I know change can be scary, but sometimes in order to have the life that we want, and the life that is best for us we have to be confident in ourselves to make that change and to be positive that what we are doing is best.


Enjoy every day of this New Year and the many more to come!

❤ RK