About Me

I’m a 20 year old college student with a passion for living life to the fullest. I enjoy finding ways to make each day a great experience for myself and for those around me!  I love food, being outside, and physical activity. I have a lot of life to live and I have a lot to learn and to experience. I hope those who  read my blog enjoy the journey with me! My goal is to inspire and encourage and I hope to do that with everything I post. I wish to have my words connect to somebody somewhere, and help them turn lemons into lemonade. I’m eager to share my thoughts on healthy living, college life, love, family, and everyday things! I hope you enjoy!

❤ RK

Enjoy the little things!1525412_10202777295060332_2069444535_n485304_10200549596209253_1238262877_n           10378156_10206356013886066_5959429039699802922_n


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