Words for people everywhere

I would much rather be sharing a post about what type of tea to drink or what kind of spices to add to make it more beneficial (stay tuned for that), but instead tonight I am posting about the current issue that is facing our country and our world today. I write with sorrow and with hope.

Hate. That is what we face today. In fact that is what we have always faced. However, hate has once again barred its teeth at us, threatening us, and is challenging us. Hate is a scary thing. Hate is a dangerous thing.

Walking hand in hand with hate is something that we all have on a daily basis. Fear. Fear is one of hate’s best friends. We are fearful of the unknown, we are fearful of what we think we know, and we are fearful of everything we can’t control.

Fear and Hate bring with them intolerance, judgement, discrimination, and so many more words that aren’t just words, but actions as well. These actions are what have caused wars and death of millions over so many years of history. We acknowledge the ugliness of these thoughts, words, and actions but they keep persevering and nothing changes.

Perhaps it is unfair to say that NOTHING changes, because there have been strides made over years. Slowly, but it is happening. Intolerance turns to tolerance and then it goes to acceptance. Once we have reached acceptance then that leads to love, care, trust, family, community, happiness and pretty soon these positive words and actions are unstoppable.

Today, people are being asked to close there doors, minds, and hearts. By doing so we are openly inviting hate, evil, disgust, fear, and intolerance in. That causes destruction. That causes actions that we can’t take back.

Instead open your doors to those who need love, a home, a family, a community. Don’t be the one to inspire hate. Be the one who creates a ripple effect of kindness. That type of courage is so much stronger and leaves a much greater impact then the one hate brings.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” that is a quote that some may say is over used. However, I think it speaks the truth that we all need to hear. Don’t be the hate. Be the love. Be the acceptance and be the tolerance. Bring understanding, careful thinking, and courage to this world.

❤ RK


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