That Moment When You Remember You Love Running……

Running is stupid and Runners are crazy.


That is a true statement to those who don’t run, and even to those who do. Running can be a painful experience. Sometimes you’ll hit a patch during training where you simply don’t want to do it anymore, and going out for that run is a forced and un-welcomed experience.

I have a love-hate relationship with running, and I would say that a lot of my team mates feel the same way as I do. However, you always remember you love something when you can’t have it. For example, I’ve had an injury this summer that has taken me out of my training program for about a month (This hasn’t been my first walk around the injury block), and when you can’t run you realize how much you actually like it. You feel a different kind of appreciation for it.

Well, once you’re on the running scene again and you feel great it is logical to think that from then on you are going to love every step you take in those running shoes… well in my experience that feeling lasts for about a week. That is when the negativity starts creeping in…. “I’m out of shape” “I’m never going to get to the level I want” “Why do I even do this?” “This really isn’t fun for me right now” Those thoughts are so discouraging, and it is incredibly hard to turn them off. Fortunately, you keep going out for those runs everyday because you have a connection to the running and something inside you just can’t stop.


Like I said earlier, I have a love hate relationship with running. Long distance doesn’t always come easy for me, but I like to work at it and I like to see myself get stronger and stronger each week. Getting back into my routine and training the past few weeks has had its ups and downs .However, something magical happened the other day… something inspiring.,,,

I set out for my longest run of the summer. I put my headphones in, set my watch and after the first few steps I was in the groove. It wasn’t until the trail I was on came to end did I realize how far I had already gone. I hadn’t looked down at my watch, I hadn’t tried to talk myself out of the distance, I hadn’t stopped and I didn’t want to. It all clicked. I felt great, and not a single negative thought entered my mind. I think I was even smiling. I had gone farther and faster then I thought I could have managed at the time.

The feeling I had at the end of that run was something unexplainable, but something I have felt before. Most runners probably have. I was tired, exhausted, and overjoyed. I felt like a runner again.

I am positive that I am going to have runs that make me feel mediocre and slow, and I am going to have runs that make me feel like I am on top of the world. However, its the runs that make you feel connected to the yourself and the world around you that truly keep you going. Those runs are the ones that make you put the shoes on everyday. Those runs are the runs that help you remember that you love running, and I look forward to having many more of them.

At times running may be stupid and call me crazy, but I don’t think I will be giving it up for a while.

When things get hard don’t give up, find a way to get stronger. Find away to fight through the negative thoughts and all of the doubts that creep into your mind. I promise the strength is in you to keep going, and at the right time that blissful moment and the feeling of accomplishment you long to have will find you once again!



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