Say goodbye to stressful mornings!

Monday’s can be hard. Tuesday’s can be hard…. In fact just about any busy day can be hard. Getting up at 6:30 in the morning, getting your work out in before you have to be at work at 8… AND you still have to remember to grab your lunch, that check you have to deposit before the bank closes, a change of clothes for activities later in the day, get the dogs out….

The list could go on and on… and it could be even more stressful depending on your life style or the time of year.

So how do you make mornings, sometimes the worst part of the day, more enjoyable and less stressful?


1. Know your schedule

This tip may seem like common sense, but with the busy lives we all live it can be easy to get our days, commitments, and events all mixed up! Knowing and understanding what you have going on the next day can really help your morning be less stressful. Don’t be afraid to write out a general time schedule the night before and put it by your bed. That way you can go to bed with your mind at ease, knowing that you have a plan for the following morning. I have a daily planner that I write in, and I always check it the night before to make sure I know what I have going on the next day.

2. Pack your bags the night before

Just as you would if you had an early flight leaving for vacation…pack your bags a head of time. If you plan on getting up and going to the gym in the morning before work or class then pack all of your essentials the night before (that might also help you feel more accountable for getting up and going)! If you need to pack a lunch or bring your own water bottle have it all ready to go in the fridge, just don’t forget to grab it the next morning.  Also, another thing to keep in mind is if you make your coffee in the morning or make breakfast have everything in an easy to grab area of the fridge or counter. Knowing the location for all those morning essentials can help you have an easy transition into the rest of your day!

3. Set your Alarm

I know what your thinking….duh set your alarm if you have to get up. However, sometimes its hard to get up in the morning, and that leads to shutting the alarm off and not actually getting out of bed. Which in turn causes sleeping in, being late, and being stressed. Double check to make sure your alarm is set, and set early enough so if you do hit that snooze button it will go off again in plenty of time for you to get up. Depending on how hard of a sleeper you are it could also be helpful  to have multiple alarms set. It makes it much harder to ignore if that loud ringing or jingle is going off every three minutes!

4.  Get up earlier

This tip may not work everyone. It truly depends on what kind of morning person you are. If you are the kind of person that likes to relax and take their time in the morning then make sure you set that alarm for 10 or 15 minutes earlier. Take your time getting out of bed or give yourself a chance to sit and sip that caffeine. By making sure you have plenty of time in the morning to get ready it can really help you relax, make your morning less chaotic, and help your day be less stressful!


5. Go to bed in a clean environment

Sometimes when we fall asleep in an environment that is messy and unorganized we can feel a little overwhelmed, and when you wake up in the same environment those overwhelming feelings come back causing a stressful morning right away. I can always tell when its time to do laundry and clean my room because I wake up, look around at the mess I’ve accumulated and I am instantly in a bad mood and stressed out. Also, if you go to bed overwhelmed and stressed then your sleep quality will go down, leaving you tired and frustrated the following morning! So don’t let the mess from the night before ruin the next day!

It is important to start your day off right! Sometimes mornings can be hard, and when your week is already rocky a stressful morning can really make or break your day.

Hopefully these tips will help you begin your day in a positive way, and help you get through those tough days!

❤ RK


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