What is courage?

What does having courage really mean?


This is a hard question to answer, and it’s a question that is being debated heavily in today’s society.

Courage can be defined as having “strength in the face of pain or grief”

It means to never give up

Many people experience grief and pain daily. The levels of that pain and grief is not something we can measure on scale or compare from one person to another. How an individual deals with tragedy, change, and adversity is personal.

A woman fighting cancer is courageous

A boy who has to walk 5 miles to school to get an education is courageous

A young girl fighting through emotions of sexual abuse is courageous

A teenager who is bullied everyday has courage

A young mother getting through a miscarriage is courageous

A grown man accepting himself and deciding to become a women has courage

A child dealing with divorce is courageous

A single mother working three jobs to try and make ends meet is courageous

An athlete struggling with an injury and trying to fight for their spot and health has courage

A boy who struggles with dyslexia has courage

The brave men and women who fight for our freedom are courageous


The list I could write goes on and on. We all have our uphill battles and struggles. I don’t believe that anybody has the right to judge someone’s issues. We as people shouldn’t deem one person as more courageous then another.

Everybody has a story, and everybody deserves to have their story listened to and respected.

It is our job to not judge, but listen. It is our job to encourage every one we meet. Hurting others with words and actions doesn’t make our own suffering go away.

Keep fighting through the bad times and relish in the good. Face the fears that happen daily.


Courage can be used in many forms for many reasons.

Courage is inside all of us. We all have the strength to carry on through adversity, and I encourage you all to find that strength,  hold on to it, and never let it go.

❤ RK


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