Don’t forget the H2O

Have you ever gotten a head ache and it lasted all day long, and you have no idea why this headache occurred?

Have you ever felt completely lethargic and you just don’t understand why your 8 hours of sleep aren’t doing the trick?

What about feeling dizzy?

What about sore or achy?

Hungry but you just don’t understand what for?

Is your skin unusually dry?

Dry mouth?

Feel parched?

Try drinking some water!

There is a reason why our bodies are made up of so much water. It helps fuel us and sustain us. The proof is the fact that you can live longer without food then water.

The benefits of drinking water!

  1. Water increases energy and relieves your body of fatigue.
  2. Flushes out toxins
  3. Increases concentration, alertness, and overall brain function
  4. Improves skin by moisturizing, and by giving it a soft feel and a glowing look
  5. Boosts immune system and maintains regularity
  6. Natural headache  remedy
  7. Helps prevent cramps in your muscles
  8. Helps boost your mood!

Sometimes water can be hard to drink because it might not always have the best flavor…or any flavor. However, there are ways to give your water a little later flavor and give you even more benefits to drinking it!

LEMON WATER:  Squeezing a little fresh lemon into your water is a great way to give some extra flavor, and increase the benefits to your health. For example, drinking lemon water helps keep your skin blemish free, aids in digestion, helps cleanse your system, gives you an extra energy boost, freshens your breath, helps fight viral infections and inflammation, and it’s an excellent source of potassium. So don’t be afraid to give lemon water a try!

Fruit infused Water : Fruit infused water takes a little more time to prepare then lemon water, but the benefits easily out weigh any extra time spent, and adding that little fruity taste to your water will make you want to drink it all day long! Infusing your water will help you by getting more nutrients into your day because the nutrients from the fruit will leak into the water.  This water can also help you by boosting your immune system, maintain a healthy body weight, ward off diseases and rid your body of toxins, and it can help you recover faster from a work out. You can also add in vegetables and other herbs to gain the nutritional benefits from those as well! Go ahead and give your water a fruity twist!

The hardest part of doing anything that is beneficial for ourselves is of course getting in the habit of doing it. However, drinking water is a great habit to have, so once you get into it you won’t regret it!

Tricks to get into a drinking water routine:

  • Start your day with drinking a glass of water right away in the morning
  • Keep it convenient… have a water bottle by your side at all times
  • Make a chart and mark it off every time you have a glass
  • Give yourself a goal for each day
  • Set an alarm on your phone or watch to go off every couple of hours to remind yourself
  • Have a reward system
  • Drink out of a straw
  • Give yourself strong motivation or a reason why you want to drink the water

Try and find a system that works best for you! Hydrating your body is extremely importan.t

So drink up ladies and gents! I promise you’ll feel the benefits!

❤ RK


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