Week of Rejuvenation

“People, even more then things Have to be REstored, Renewed, Revived, REclaimed, and redeemed. ~ Audrey Hepburn

Refresh, Renew, Rejuvenate 

It’s important to understand that our bodies need rest, and that our minds need breaks. Rejuvenation can come in all sorts of ways whether it is a 15 minute nap, reading for 20 minutes, a massage, or even a quick coffee break. It is necessary that we take care of ourselves and take the time to listen to what our bodies need. Spending time to rejuvenate will help boost your attitude, mood, body and mind function! This week create the habit of taking time to renew and revive yourself every single day.

One great way to rejuvenate yourself every day besides eating healthy, exercise, and taking breaks is to make sure that you get a good nights sleep! Sleep is essential!

10 Health Benefits to a Good Nights Sleep:

  1. Sleep Keeps your Heart Healthy
  2. Help Concentration
  3. Mood Boosters
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Makes you more alert
  6. Reduces inflammation
  7. Help make body repairs
  8. Improve memory
  9. Reduces risk of depression
  10. Maintain healthy weight

Take the time to get the sleep you neither whether it is getting a full nights sleep or taking a quick nap in the middle of the day between activities!

There are tons of benefits to rejuvenate! Find the best way that works for you!

❤ RK


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