Attitude is Everything

There are numerous unknowns out in the world. Questions that have yet to be answered, and answers that we aren’t supposed to have and will probably never have. I believe that we have a great destiny and that ultimately we are guided, and as hard as it is to grasp at times, things happen for a reason. However, there is a common misconception that we have NO ability to control the things around us and what happens to us. The truth is on a day to day basis we have free will. We have opportunities that fall into our lap and we have the chance to make choices. Everyday we do make choices. Our choices are not pre-decided, and how we act, think, and live on a daily basis is something we control and determine.

But How?

Our Attitude is everything.

If you wake up in the morning thinking negative thoughts chances are that you are going to have a negative day. If you wake up already upset that you have to go to a meeting, get up late, don’t have time to shower and are constantly thinking awful things about the day and the people you have to be around, then chances are you are going to spill your coffee on your shirt, walk in late to the meeting, send out the wrong reports, and butt dial the person you are later gossiping about. As you can see, consistent negative thoughts and actions can lead to a negatively impacted day.

BUT! If you wake up in the morning and say you happen to be running late, but you say to yourself “it’s ok I can skip the shower today and arrive on time no big deal”. Or if you walk in late to the meeting, kindly apologize and jump in with a positive attitude ready to listen. Chances are your day is going to be impacted positively. With in this example there is good news…. You can change the course of your day with a simple switch in your outlook. You can change your day from a negative perspective to a positive one, and I guarantee that your day will be way more enjoyable.

There will be days where everything just doesn’t go your way. There will be days where being positive is hard, and simply not what your feeling. That’s ok. No one is perfect, and our lives are far from perfect. Feelings of sadness, being upset, and disappointment are all ok to have during the day. Everybody has those days

Overall, if you try to be as positive, excited, joyful, and genuine in all aspects of your life and have a good attitude during the day then you will have many more good days and far less bad ones. A good attitude is something that we can all strive for. Be optimistic whenever possible.

A good attitude doesn’t just affect you alone. Your attitude is infectious and it truly can affect someone else’s day, and it can affect your relationships with others. For example, being around someone who is negative all day can really change the way you feel about your day, and it can ultimately bring you down. At the same time, being around someone who is negative all the time is exhausting and you tend to spend less and less time with them. No one wants to be around a constant negative nelly.

I encourage you to think about how you live life. Is it positive or negative? Do you go about your day with a good attitude and choosing to see positive things? Or do you go around seeing every terrible thing and make mountains out of mole hills? If you primarily have a terrible out look on life and your day, I suggest that you start seeing things a little differently.

I guarantee if you start thinking, acting, and living in a positive way you will see a change in your over all day, and I bet you will see a positive increase in your relationships.

Everyone chooses their attitude, and your attitude is everything.

Start today! Be more positive, and try to have a good attitude everyday from start to finish. You can control your day, and you can have an impact on someone else’s day…. So make it a good one


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