Stop, Drop, and Put the Phone Down

We live in a world that is fast paced and competitive. We are constantly moving, trying to keep up with trends, people, technology. Constantly comparing ourselves to those around us working ourselves day and night to appear put together, trying to achieve higher status not for ourselves, but so we can been seen as the privileged one. With our fast paced lives and increasing levels of technology it’s hard to slow down, It’s hard to think beyond the little screen on our phones, and it is hard to truly take time and think about what our minds and body need.

It’s easy to get swept away and caught up in the social media of today. It is instant, constant, and everywhere. What would happen if one day it all ceased to exist and we were brought back to when cell phones didn’t exist, there was no high speed internet or 4g. No Facebook, twitter or snapchat to keep us in constant contact with those around us and those far away. I do truly believe that this technology has helped some relationships stay intact and it has allowed for information to spread faster and easier which has perks and is positive. However, faster and easier isn’t always better. The truth is that we have gotten lazy. We put in less effort to search for something we want, to maintain relationships, and we put very little time focusing on the people and places right in front of us. No we shouldn’t throw away our technology, social medias and fast paced living, but We need to learn how to put it down, turn it off, slow our steps and focus on what we have in front of us before it’s gone and too late to actually live our lives.

With technology ready at any moment and time it can dramatically affect on our lives. Large uses of technology can cause Isolation, Depression, poor sleep habits, lack of social kills, lack of privacy, stress, neck and head pain, shortened attention span, and addiction. Some of those “side effects” are obviously on the drastic side, but true none the less. So with all of the terrible things waiting in the wing why would we even have this technology? Good can come of it, but too much of a good things isn’t such a good thing. Constantly being connected to a world outside of our own leads us to not live in the moment, we could sit for hours in a room with our closets friends and never say a word or not have any idea about the conversation going on around us. If you ask me, that is not a life I want to live. I want to live a life of awareness and in the moment. Taking none of it for granted and always experiencing what is in front of me. How can this life style be accomplished?

Technology is a necessary evil. It is a good aspect of life that we all have a tendency to ruin by having it run our lives. So how to make this good gone bad once more good? IT is a simple task, but a process that needs time to truly take hold in our lives. Set it down and put it away. When you’re in the middle of task or out to dinner, set your phone aside, turn it off or put it on silent while you eat your meal and complete your current task. The phone, iPod, computer, tablet, or whatever it may be doesn’t have to constantly be in your hand or in your face. Just because Instagram is instant and snap chat is always available doesn’t mean it has to be used right at that second. Finish watching the movie with your friends and finish the conversation before you take the snap of everyone. Wait until you are unwinding for you day and going to bed to scroll through the endless Facebook feed or post something about your day. Most importantly, don’t be lazy with your relationships with others. Instead of texting to ask one question, pick up the phone and call them and ask them about their day too. Don’t ignore those sitting in front of you to chat mindlessly with another friend. Pay attention to whats going on in front of your eyes and not miles away. Don’t just do this for your friends and to not annoy your grandmother, but do this because it is good for you. Give your brain a break from the constant noise and business. Go for a walk or run and truly take in the beauty that is around you. Take care of you without focusing on everyone else.

All in all if we take more time to focus on the task at hand, the people right in front of us, or ourselves the technology we have will be seen more as a privilege then as a right. focusing more on the present that we are currently experiencing then constantly wondering and looking at what others are doing will lead to more enjoyable experiences and more memories made. So I encourage everyone to slow down, put it all away, and enjoy your life.

“God doesn’t just want us to be alive, but He wants us to enjoy being alive. He wants us to live with joy – abundant, overflowing joy!”- Joyce Meyer


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