Appreciate the day you’ve been given

Life is precious. Every second is important. Every second someone is impacted. The impacts could be as small as the act of brushing teeth, but the impacts could also be as big as someone pulling the trigger to create an end. Everyone has a purpose. This purpose could consist of a larger picture and your legacy, or this purpose could consist of the little things that happen everyday. Every second everyone has a purpose to complete. It could be anywhere from getting to class on time, or performing surgery to save that little boy in a car crash.  Work to accomplish that purpose with all your might every second of every day.


I’ve been searching for what is important in life. Life is to short and precious to focus on things that cause strife and evil. Life is hard. In fact most people struggle to get through life on a day by day, hour by hour, or even minute by minute basis. Everyone is aware of this concept. So why on earth would those of us who understand that people struggle make life hard for anyone? Why would anyone leave a trail of hate when we could all leave a trail of love and acceptance?


Joy, love, compassion, care, forgiveness, hope, trust, and beauty are all things that make life worth it.  Go everyday in search of these things. Find beauty in the smallest of creatures and in the color of the sky. Find joy in the little things that people do that make you smile. Show compassion and love every chance you get. Give forgiveness always, and most importantly never give up hope.


Don’t take life for granted. Don’t take the ones you love for granted. Don’t take the sun, the moon, the grass, or the stars for granted.  With every breath you take remember that life is so precious, that you’re precious. With every breath you take say thank you to the world for those loved ones in your life. Appreciate the day that you’ve been given.

God Bless ❤


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