Accepting the words

People are are offended and discriminated against every day. Every single day someone is hurt by the words of another human being. Words are powerful, more powerful then we all realize. Words can save a life or destroy one. Words can be empowering, inspiring and they can also be disgraceful, hurtful, and they can be lies. If words can influence people so strongly, why are they ever used for hate? Something so powerful should only be used to show love and acceptance. Most importantly, words should be respected in the forms of opinions and facts. Some of the most important accomplishments have occurred due to a thought that became an idea then became words spoken out loud. 

Opinions are a right of passage of being a human being. If one person says an opinion it should be allowed that another person should also be allowed to speak theirs. This is part of living and part of accepting.  “Agree to disagree” is one of the greatest forms of respect. It means that even though someone else may not share your ideals you still respect them as a person and you don’t have to agree with something you don’t believe. 

Everyone has a voice, and everyone deserves to have their voice heard. More importantly, nobody should have to hide how they feel or what they want because they are afraid of what others may think. Everybody matters and if more people knew that they mattered then perhaps less people would stay in abusive relationships or homes. Maybe they would realize that they deserve something greater, and they would realize this before it’s too late. 

Always speak your mind, but do it respectfully. Their is a difference between sharing your thoughts and being overly aggressive. Learn the line between being hurtful and being outspoken. Learn the difference between being confident and being conceded. Learn how to accept before judging. Learn how to use words to show love instead of hate. 

The truth is….

 Your actions affect not only you, but the person standing next to you. Take every opportunity to show gratitude and to show acceptance. Have your actions and words be the ones that make the difference in a positive way. The sooner we all learn this the better this world will be for everyone. 


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