You’re Good Enough

One aspect of life that people commonly struggle with is comparing themselves to other people. Everybody does this. If you’re the best at something you constantly compare yourself to your nearest competitor to make sure you remain better then them. On the contrary if you aren’t the best then you are constantly striving for that one thing the other person has that makes them “better” then you.  Why do we all do this?

In academics a C is supposed to be average… However, for many people a C is basically an F. When did average become a failure?

Why do we look at the girl sitting next to us and immediately judge her outfit or hair and then wonder why we ourselves can’t look like that. Or look at the guy in our Chemistry class and wonder why he gets all A’s when all we ever do is study and receive B’s.  Why are we never good enough for ourselves?

Everyone has a place where they can shine. In fact people can shine in as many or few places as they want. Being YOU is good enough.

Working hard, doing your best, having fun, being positive, living a life full of love and laughter, and finding passion are the things that should drive anybody and everybody to happiness.

Being yourself, loving yourself, thats what matters.

Stop striving for perfection, and love yourself flaws and all. Don’t fear failure and when you fall immediately pick yourself back up.  Never forget how great you were made and tap into YOUR full potential. Believe in yourself, never second guess, and never look back.

❤ RK



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