Crash course on College

This year I have started my first year of college. Everybody always hear’s how hard college is, and every year of high school you take steps that get you more and more prepared for this big step into the real world. Let me just say it doesn’t matter how far or close you are from home, how many college credit classes you take, the amount of books you read, or how ready you are to leave high school. You will never be be fully prepared for what comes next in your life. College is hard, and you won’t notice how hard it is until you actually experience it. 

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your friends, to your home, and to everything familiar to you. However, I want to remind everyone that goodbye doesn’t mean forever. You can still love where you came from, support the high school and hometown, be close to your friends, and it’s ok to miss things. It’s important to embrace all these things, and take them with you. You don’t need to act like that part of your life never existed. 

It’s also important to create your own path, and experience a new part of your life. No, I’m not talking about going out and partying and trying every drug out there. I promise college can be just as much fun without any of that. It’s a lot safer. I’m talking about discovering who you are and what you want out of life. To learn new things, and try something you never thought you could do. To open yourself up to the world around you, and you might find that you can do things that you didn’t think were possible. This is the time to be fearless. 

This is also the time where it’s so easy to stress over everything. Every test, every meet, every presentation, every concert, lesson, or even every meeting with a professor, and the biggest thing… What am I going to do with the rest of my life? I recently  have had this struggle.  If the answer is I don’t know…It’s ok. You don’t have to decide everything in the first semester. Give yourself time to explore what you find interesting… and most importantly TRUST. Trust yourself and trust God. No matter how crazy everything feels or how overwhelming, just know that you will find yourself on the correct path if you just trust and listen. There is no such thing as failure…  for each “failure” can lead you to an even greater success if you let it. 

Most importantly….HAVE SO MUCH FUN

Honestly, whats life without fun? It’s no good. So college is designed for you to work hard, study hard, and of course to play hard. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make friends.. BE YOURSELF. Enjoy every second you have. Do things that are right for you. Soak up all the little things, and be present in the moment. Truly enjoy where you are, find your place.

It is all hard at first and college (like life) is constantly going to challenge you. But isn’t that a good thing? Challenge yourself. Make the best out of every situation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help. And when you think your failing, and there’s no hope. Remember that there is always hope.

This time is chaotic, stressful, crazy, beautiful, messy, incredible, challenging, lonely, Happy, Sad,and…….AMAZING! 

Don’t take it for granted





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