Trusting The Mountain Tops

A few weeks ago I had this amazing privilege to go on a trip with my youth group from church. We went to Montana and stayed at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp. We spent over 26 hours on the train there and back. We spent each day doing a different activity consisting of high-ropes course, peaking a mountain, kayaking, and white water rafting. Of course everyday we took time to swim in the beautiful lake. Each day presented us with a new challenge either physically, mentally, or spiritually.

We had a few themes during the week. Our personal theme for us given by the counselors was to take the road less traveled. At times we come to a fork in the middle of the road. It’s always easier to take the path that everyone goes on. It’s so much easier to follow the crowd and to not be noticed. However, thats not always the right thing to do. It’s so difficult to do the right thing if it means having to stand out, but we should always try to take the road less traveled.

One of the biggest lessons I learned on my own was about trust. I learned this by not only experiencing it, but by watching the others in my group. The first day we did High Ropes course. I am very afraid of heights so I only went a little ways before coming back down. I was able to watch everyone else go through the course. They had to immediately trust the instructors that they didn’t know; they were the ones who would tell them if they were safe or not. More importantly, they had to trust the harness that was cradling them. If the hooks and harness broke, they would fall. Everybody had to trust them.

The ropes course was just the first day, and it was just the first lesson of trust that I learned. When we peaked the 7,000ft mountain I had to trust I wouldn’t fall off or trip down the mountain. As I kayaked I had to trust that my counselors had taught me everything that I needed to know. I also had to believe them that if I tipped over I would be ok. As we white water rafted I had to trust that our guide would direct us the right way and that my fellow rafters would help me back into the raft if i needed it. Over the week I had to trust everyone around me, and they had to trust me.

Above everything else I had to trust God. I had to trust that he would keep me safe, and that everything would be just fine. I could truly feel his presence. I was in a place that was beautiful. It was basically paradise.

I learned to not doubt my faith and to trust with all of my heart. I believe thats the first step in taking the road less traveled.

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