In our life time we all have somebody that we look up to. They are our inspiration. More often then not those people tend to be someone we don’t know personally. A fictional character or someone seen in the public eye. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring the qualities in these far off people. However, true inspiration comes from those you see and interact with. In a sense, real people we truly can relate to. Often these people share the same morals and beliefs. Having someone close to you to draw inspiration from makes it easier to learn and communicate with them.

I have two older sisters. Both are out of college and are engaged. I was talking to my dad the other day about them. We had discussed how far they have come. Frankly, being the youngest I couldn’t be more proud. Life isn’t an easy thing. My sisters are no exception to that concept. The thing that I have come to admire most about them is that they don’t settle. They both know what they want, and they do it.

My sisters have always been there for me. They are protective in every way. They have always been my best friends, even though at times I may not act like they are. I know I can always count on them to make me laugh,happy, cry and to call me out on any bull. I know I can always trust them. These qualities are the reasons why I find them to be my inspiration. I have learned things from them that couldn’t read in a book or watch on a T.V. show.

Who knows…. It might just be a sister thing.






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